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Our Mission

The Eastern Maine Community College Alumni Association consists of like-minded individuals interested in cultivating lifelong relationships with current and future alumni. As a committed partner and supporter of the College, the Association strives to foster a spirit of loyalty among graduates, former students, current students, friends, and the community.

Are you currently working in the field you studied to work in? Do you own your own company? Were there memories of EMVTI/EMTC/欧宝体育官网 that you remember and look back on fondly? All of the answers to these questions are important to us and our current students. Your story and journey can resonate with someone and make them realize their full potential. If you are interested in sharing your story, please fill out the form on this page and keep us in the loop. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter that goes out via email every Friday.

As an 欧宝体育官网 alumni, you are an important part of the history and success of our college, our students, and this region’s workforce. Staying connected with our graduates is an important part of our mission.

Explore this site to find campus news, spotlights on student and alumni success, resources on finding a classmate, and social networking and volunteer opportunities. Staying involved with 欧宝体育官网 is easy! Just reach out. We are always happy to hear from you because you are a part of the 欧宝体育官网 family. If you are interested in adjunct work, we have options pop up on a semester to semester basis, check out the current lists here.

Stay Connected

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